Computer giving you trouble? Bring it in for a checkup.

Contact us or stop by for free diagnostics.


PC Tune Up

Is your computer slow and bogged down with uneeded files and programs? Let us whip it back into shape.

Software Install/Repair

Need help installing a confusing program or getting rid of malicious software? We’re here to help.

Data Backup/Recovery

Let us help you recover your data and make sure you never have to worry about loosing it in the first place.

Hardware Replacement

Need to update your rig or replace a malfunctioning part? We’ve got you covered.

Home/Office Help

Having problems with your router or trouble setting up your printer? We will come to you.

And much more...

Call, email us, or stop by our office to see if we can help you solve your problem. Chances are we can.

*Completion times will vary depending on current work load, availability of software or hardware needed to complete repair, etc. Repair payment due at time of pick-up and cannot be added to current internet invoice. Equipment will not be released until full payment is made.